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#sundaypoetry - YEARS


Ice, wine, Valentine,

Murmur me your dreams of sleep.

Restfulness, I know I felt long ago, between stairways and stained knees.

I could hear my father's voice, or is it another, younger still?

I cannot catch your warm embrace, though I have yet tried to, stilt your will

And your advances. I want to feel you but resist

I rowed away, and will again, my hand aching in your fist.

I can hear my heartbeat undertow - like shattered glass, like air.

What lies within - I row away. Thrown into ocean. Leave me there.

In her memories, I whisper of days past by

Of a far-off coastland, Of the plains

Of two figures caught in a passageway

Stop me from saying your name

Resonating forward - crashing waves

Stop me from saying your name.

Stop me from saying your name.

When I surfaced back, I heard the water

Speak of seven years in horizon lines

You assured me it would melt someday

Through your hands, as cold as mine.

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