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#sundaypoetry - A Love Letter

A love letter

In time I will come to you in great ease and great grace. As the stars point to beyond themselves and extend for millennia between, so my love will through depths emanate and follow, yet remain a single spark, fragile in the void. May my heart yearn for you, somewhat fleeting.

My skin meets upon my thighs as my muscles become thin and sloppy, falling away in the wake of my expanding crown, brimming with light. Golden embers are my locks and beautiful monsters come full circle into the light of the moon, illuminated, hopefully waiting to be embraced by you.

This is how it is to love you.

I push away, woefully. I cannot bear your touch that meets me, that sees me as my self. When the crust falls away, who will I be – without my wit, with all my failings? I will be nothing to you. I will be needy and wanting and together we will be pathetic wanderings of codependency, without vision, virtue, direction – forever in platitudes. Floating in a circle of love.

I don’t remember the first time I saw you. My eyes could not surpass my mind nor body. But I remember you now as you always were- a boy, lighthearted and charming, with a quick step and fluttering speech, giving too much emotion and endearment. As you work into true manhood and power of man, of stature, I am here with you as we were then.

Tomorrow will be sunny in the snow and you will be up before me and most, in darkness. In twelve days you will meet me through the back door and it will be shy to look at each other.

These tales are ones of the suburbs and youth, but also of planets, moons, and endless time. With great ease and great grace, I come to you.

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